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黃色小鴨吸鼻器 Portable Nasal Aspirator

黃色小鴨吸鼻器 Portable Nasal Aspirator
黃色小鴨吸鼻器 台灣衛署醫器製字第004989號 - Portable Nasal Aspirator
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This smaller version of our nasal aspirator / irrigating syringe is suitable for nasal or oral applications. Package includes a hygienic carrying case.

• Rounded top fits into baby's nose or mouth
• Safe for tender mucous membranes
• Straw for adult's mouth facilitates easy mucous removal from baby
• Bottle collects mucous for easy disposal
• Carrying case included

• Box: P.P.
• Cap: A.B.S.
• Bottle: P.S.
• Straw Top: P.C.
• Straw: Silicone

Cold/Heat Resistance:
• P.P.: -20°C ~ 120°C (-4°F ~ 248°F)
• A.B.S.: -20°C ~ 80°C (-4°F ~ 176°F)
• Silicone: -20°C ~ 120°C (-4°F ~ 248°F)

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